This site will soon allow you to search postings of VB.NET jobs. You will be able to search employment by specific cities and will also be able to narrow your job search by keyword.

VB.NET or Visual Basic.NET was first introduced by Microsoft in 2002. It is a programming language based on the .NET framework. Although it has its roots in prior versions of VB, there are significant differences over these earlier forms. VB.NET is an object oriented language making use of the very same Common Language Runtime layer used by c# (CSharp). It is used on many professional software development jobs. Programmers / software developers with this skill continue to be sought after by employers and hiring managers both on a contract and permanent basis.

We are currently compiling a list of VB.NET jobs for display on this new website. We hope to have a selection ready for viewing soon. Please check back with us again in the future.